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  We pay 15% commission to agents who quote online and then bind the policy.

Thank you for visiting Capstone’s ONLINE RATING site. Capstone’s appointed agents can rate many classes in the two companies available here.

Prices indicated here do not always include necessary taxes and fees and should be regarded as indications only. Signed applications must be provided to Capstone Underwriters prior to binding.

For USLI, click on the individual classes to be linked to the Login Box and the appropriate rating section. Your Login ID is your e-mail and your Password is yours to create.

For Century Surety, please use the User Name and Password assigned to you by Capstone Underwriters, LLC.

Follow the instructions for rating your risk in these companies.  If you have questions about the rating procedures or have forgotten your USER ID or PASSWORD, please contact your Capstone Underwriter.

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Call for an Instant Quote and answers to Underwriting questions: 855-734-5534

Please Note:
USLI policies will have a Flat Fee of $75.00.

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